urls Shortener Very Easy and Fully Traceable with linkye.net

As we saw previously, you can make long free link shortener unlimitedly through the free plan of our site linkye.net, so that you can shorten any number of links or addresses unlimitedly.


All we ask of you is that these addresses are natural addresses that are not annoying and do not expose others to risk, and we promise that they will be preserved forever.


Whether you want to URL shorten free of your affiliate links, the links of your activities on social media, or any other link on the Internet.


urls shortener very easy and fully traceable


Linkye Free link shortener is the shortest and easiest to custom


let us be your favorite way too short URLs in the fewest number of characters so that you can always remember them thanks to the site’s use of the multi-domain feature like bitly.


creating urls shortener is available through our main domain linkye.net if you haven't an account. if you register and get a free account or a paid account your can use our shortest domains:

  1. u3r.fun
  2. l4k.fun
  3. u3l.xyz
  4. u3l.co


example: u3r.fun/aliexpress


As you can see, each of these fields consists of only six characters, and you can allocate the rest of your urls shortener yourself in the Alias field to get short, very short and tinyurl and simple url that are easy to remember and takes its position on social networks.


With this much url customization available with an alias, you can build your brand on the short link by putting the name of your product or website domain on the alias, and you can brand your own on the urls shortener.


It will certainly give a good following among the public or customers.


We will soon get shorter domains than that, to create the best possible URL shortening service on the web.



Free urls shortener and unlimited possibilities

There are many advantages that you will get with shorteners link, the most important and most prominent of these features is that the link becomes more beautiful and attractive, and the number of characters in the short link becomes less, 

Instead of long, ugly urls. 


so you can go and sharing, and paste it on social networking site especially Twitter and Instagram without difficulty.


Clicking on a short link gives you some comfort, and it's easier to copy a short link faster than a long one, see the number of clicks on the link and a lot of details.


Link shortening is an effective marketing tool when used carefully. It is not just a link but a medium between your customer and your destination. The short link allows you to get a lot of data about your business.


You can target your customers by shortening your product links or related pages, to increase your reach and redirect them to the desired page.


The link shortening service helps you understand users and customers by following the activity of these links and the specialists who click on them.


Through these free statistics and analyzes provided to you by Linkye, you can increase the rate of development and growth of your business.


Upgrade to the paid plan so our system allows you to keep track of everything that works for you. Whether it's the number of clicks, the country or the referrer, the data is there for you to analyze.



Easily share your link stats with others


You can easily share your shortened urls stats with others, to do that follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Linkye website.

2. Select the manage links> all links command from the left panel.

3. click the stats link under the required shortened URL.

4. link stats will be opened on a new window to display link statistics on the last 30 dayed.

5. copy the page title from the title bar and share it with others.



This page shows a preview of the short link page and shows the page QR code, It also shows a chart showing the number of clicks on the link during the days of the month, followed by a chart showing a map of the countries through which the link was made.


The number of clicks coming from each country, is followed by a breakdown of these countries by continent, states, and cities.

Then the details of the referrals that led to the click of the link, and the browsers that were used by the users, and the Social Media Counts of the link.


At the end, statistics are displayed for the number of platform, languages, devices, mobile device brands, and mobile device names that have clicked on the link.


I think that these are adequate statistics that may enable you to track your sales, address, or activities, and know in detail about your audience and your shorten link traffic, which helps you in the required adjustments or evaluation about your sales or activities.



Other advantages you can get with my linkye.net

Because content is one of the most important parts of any marketing strategy; You need short URLs that are easy to use and safe for your audience, whether you are offering products or hoping to market a blog, whatever your marketing purpose, you need short URLs, and these are the most important benefits of url shortener service:


Linkye url shortener is a tool that lets you share your content on social media better, One of the most important laws of writing marketing content on social media is that the content is brief and contains elements that motivate people to click on the title, so a long link can make this a lot difficult, even if your writing is perfect, who will click on a link that contains dozens of Symbols and numbers?


In Twitter, it limits you to 140 characters for a single tweet that you want to write; So you will have to reduce the link length in order to write your own content for the title.


 Also, short urls have a special appeal and are much larger than regular links, and of course they will make a big difference in persuading the audience to interact with the link, thus increasing the profit of your product or making more money from the audience’s interaction with the content of the post.


Monitor link click traffic with Linkye free url shortener

Usually link shortener sites let you know the link click rate from sharing activities and time of visits.

Increase click-through rate.

Recently, companies and pages on social networking sites and the Internet have tended to use link shortening sites; So, this will not be new to users. On the contrary, as long as users are accustomed to these links, this indicates that there is great trust from users with these links and their awareness that they are safe links. This increases the possibility of an increase in the click-through rate of the link.


It is important to ensure that the URL shortening site we are using is safe, so as not to damage your brand or blog’s reputation, and to ensure that it does not restrict the visitor with advertisements that are inappropriate or boring, although shortening long links is an essential process of any marketing process, but it is a powerful weapon. binomial Caution in using this feature is essential.

Linky uses Google Safe Browsing and more web security tools, so you can use it completely securely.


Perhaps one of the most important features of the Linkye.net link shortening service is that it gives you the opportunity to shorten your links and publish them on the Internet without ads, so that there is no inconvenience to your audience.


Not only that, this link shortening site plans allow you to customize the redirect page from which you can direct the visitor to the link page, after remaining there for a period of time of course if you wish.


You can customize this redirect page and put your own ads inside it, and you can also customize it and add your own RSS feed links to it.


Published on: 10/29/22, 9:28 AM