| There is no limit with our Free URL Shortener Free URL Shortener is a service that takes long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters like Bitly and Cuttly.

Our unlimited url shorteners have Multiple great features like Advanced Analytics, Smart targeting, Featured Administration Panel, Unlimited Members Plans, Custom Redirect Page, Password Protect, Social Media Counts, SEO, Bundles, Comments System, Edit Created Links, Unlimited Pages, Advanced API System and more. Free URL Shortener Features There is no limit to our Free URL Shortener

Through our service, you will be able to shorten long links for free and unlimited around the clock, and you can expand your features with various packages at the cheapest prices on the Internet.


Shorten links without creating an account

with, you can use the service to shorten links without creating an account or subscribing to the site. Just go to the home page and put the long link you want to shorten to be shortened immediately, then copy it and use it.


Why Sign up for

The answer is very simple, sign up with to maximize the advantages and capabilities that you will get for free, try from here, and do not waste the opportunity.

The first thing you will get is a detailed management dashboard that enables you to keep track of your shortened links. Not only that, but through this panel, you can customize the short addresses, there are multiple domains that you can use, instead of the default basic domain, there are two other slightly shorter domains that you can use to shorten your addresses.

Not only that but there are also more advanced options for more customization and the best tiny URL.




Why the best URL shortening?

Linky is considered one of the best free url websites and services that provide link shortening service, simply because anyone from anywhere can shorten their links unlimitedly and for free.

You can even shorten your addresses without creating an account on the site.

Linky has three price plans, one of which is free that you can use unlimited, and has unique features such as multi-domain feature, control of link redirection to pages that you can personalize, and link stats tracking.

The site also provides paid plans with more features and at the lowest prices on the Internet at all, take an idea of them.

with a paid plan, you will get a Mass shrinker tool so you can shrink large numbers of short links simultaneously.

You can use the bookmarklet tool as browser integration

to create short links directly from your browser.

with the Premium Business Plan you will have special tools like:

Quick Link Tool

You do not need to be logged into your account to generate short links using our API.

Full Page Script Tool:

You don't need to manually generate short links for all the incoming links on a website, it's all done automatically.

Developers API Tool

You can Integrate Our API Into your business apps without limits. Free URL Shortener Features


Linkye Featured Administration Panel

With you can control all features from the top dashboard with the click of a button. This dashboard gives you the most massive customization possible in your links, and below you can see the latest stats for your links, with a QR code for your shortened link.


MULTI DOMAINS to custom short URLs

Linkye URL Shortener free allows you to use three different domains that you can choose from a while to create shortened links, which are:


You will find two domains that use only five characters which reduces the length of the long ugly URL as much as possible, in addition to the ability to customize the rest of the address through the Alias box, so you can brand your links.


coustomize shot links with multi domains with


Custom Redirect Page

You can free custom url shortener to go directly to the desired address, and you can use the redirect page to let the visitor wait for some time, you can display articles from your website (using the RSS feed URL) on this redirect page. 

With the comment box, your visitors can leave their comments on the short link page.



URL Shortened Password Protect

You can protect your short links with a password, so only users who have this password can follow the short links.


URL Shortener Smart Tagging feature

Creating multiple links for the same product or link is no longer necessary. With Smart tagging, you can make a single link that routes every user to the right place based on the following criteria:


Managing Bundles with

The Bundles feature allows you to aggregate your shortened links, which you can then easily access and share with the public quickly.


Linkye URL Shortener ADVANCED ANALYTICS Feature

Linkye URL Shortener helps you to get advanced reports and analytics for your visitors like the following:


Why to use a link-shortening service?

Some may wonder why link-shortening services are used, and what is the real and main purpose of this thing. 

The answer to this question is divided into two parts. The first part is that this gives the link more aesthetics and memorable, especially when dealing with long links or those in non-Latin languages, so we need a link shortening site to make the link look more polite.

Branded links are URLs that contain the name of your brand or business. Using them can help you stand out from your competitors and can be an alternative to generic short links.

You can maximize your social media posts' character count especially on Twitter with link-shortening services, which are underrated tools for marketing.

Implementing them in your company will put you ahead of the curve. Ensure that your marketing content promotes a consistent brand identity by including branded social media links on social networks.

The other reason, which is almost the most important, as some link-shortening services such as offer you important tools to track the link and know the sources of visits and the number of visits to one link, not only that, but they can know the countries of the people who clicked on the link and many other important statistics that he may need Any site owner.

Perhaps this is very important for affiliate workers who desperately need to keep trackable affiliate links of their marketing items, to see how feasible their work is.



Published on: 10/14/22, 10:04 AM