Link Shortener Free and Great Benefits at the Cheapest Price

Are you looking for the best online link shortener free and click analysis, or help with retargeting in your marketing campaign and finding out which countries are interested in your content?

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on the possible use of a URL shortener free like to shorten links without limit through a free account, as it has good features, in addition to the features of the paid plans offered by the site, and the ability to shorten an unlimited number of links.


Link Shortener Free and Great Benefits at the Cheapest Price

URL Shortener Free with

The url shortener is one of the most important marketing tools used on the Internet, which should be used in your marketing journey, whether it is marketing for a blog or marketing products; It makes it easier for users to trade this link and send it to each other.

There are many link shortener tools out there; Where a large number of global sites offer a link shortening service, which is bitly, it is the best profit site from shortening links, Goog.le, which is specific to Google, adf ly for profit, getsurl, exe io, Tinyurl, clickmeter, and other different sites These sites will keep your links shortened with ease and direct anyone who clicks on the shortened link back to your original page.

What is the benefit of URL shortening long links?

All human inventions started as a fleeting idea, and the idea of shortening links began as well, as this idea came to a 24-year-old web developer; who was seeking to improve the user experience of the websites he developed; With short and simple links that are easy for users to remember.

And because content is one of the most important parts of any marketing strategy; You need short URLs that are easy to use and safe for your audience, whether you are presenting products or hoping to market a blog, whatever your marketing purpose, you need short URLs, and these are the most important benefits of URL shortening sites:

•    Better share your content on social media

One of the most important laws of writing marketing content on social media is that the content is brief and contains elements that motivate people to click on the title, so a long link may make this very difficult, even if your writing is perfect, who will click on a link that contains dozens of Symbols and numbers?

As for Twitter, it sets you 140 characters for the single tweet you want to write; So you will have to reduce the length of the link in order to write special content for the address.

Also, short urls have a special appeal and are much greater than regular links, and of course it will make a big difference in persuading the audience to interact with the link, and thus increase the profits of your product or earn more money from the audience’s interaction with the blog content.

•    Monitor click traffic

URL shortener sites usually allow you to know the click-through rate from engagement activity and time of visits and and tracking and link management.

•    link shortener custom

Recently, companies and social networking sites and the Internet have tended to use link shortening sites. So this matter will not be new to users, on the contrary, as long as users are accustomed to these links, this indicates that there is great confidence from users with these links and their awareness that they are safe links; This increases the likelihood of an increase in your click-through rate. link shortening free site is one of the modern and new sites used to shorten links for the year 2024; It is one of the free sites in this field, and it works to cut long links with ease. The platform offers a link shortening service with great features such as analytics; It analyzes the traffic you bring, in addition to the smart targeting panel that lets you know which countries visited your link.

With this site, you can shorten addresses and shorten links for free, with an unlimited number or restrictions, and even without creating an account, but you will get more features when registering and creating an account even if it is free. For example, you can use multiple domains to get shorter addresses.


Shortener for Branded Links


And you can add personalization or add your branding to the titles when you use the paid plans, hurry up and register now.

We advise you to try the free plan, and if you are comfortable with it, try a paid plan for one month in order to work with all the features and be able to track all the available methods for the statistics of your links.

Get Great Benefits for Free and Greatness for Less

Among the most important features of are: features an easy-to-manage interface for analyzing and shortening links for free, which are:

Link Shortener Dashboard

Link Shortener Free Dashboard

The main panel appears on the first page of the control panel, and it consists of three parts, which is the statistics part, which shows you the rate of clicks on links during the month or year, the second part shows you the new shortened links that you have created, and the third part shows you the most popular links you have lately. At the top of the main panel you will find the number of links and clicks, the number of packages and the type of plan you are using.

Link management

In this area, you can edit the links you previously created, or even delete or hide them.




Url Shortener Statistics

In this field, you can get detailed statistics of your links in terms of the number of clicks and countries.

Bookmarklet property

Through this feature, you can drag the button in the browser toolbar, in order to facilitate the process of shortening links. Once you click on the button, you will be able to create a short link for your links.

How to shorten long links

Shorten links via, just follow the steps:
1.    Copy the link you want to shorten.
2.    Go to the New short link field.
3.    Paste the link.
4.    Choosing the type of link domain; There are three domains for the site, namely, and,
5.    Click on Advanced Options.
6.    Select the type of redirect, if you want to redirect directly to your page or redirect to a landing page.
7.    Then press Shorten. paid plans

Just as it offers the free plan, the site offers users two paid plans that are the best price among competing sites in the field of link shortening, and payment can be made easily by Paypal only, and the plans are: Basic Plan

There are no ads on your landing page, you can also customize links and protect them with passwords, and create a comprehensive shortcut for a group of links at one time. As for statistics, the additional advantage in this plan is that you can know the browsers, the language of the visitor, and the type of devices used.

The monthly subscription price for this plan is $7.5 USD, and the one-year subscription price is $50 only.

Premium Business plan

The Business plan has the same features as the Basic plan plus some tools like the quick link tool that lets you shorten links quickly without logging in, the page script tool; This tool will enable you to get all the links of this page, and the API tool; that will enable you to integrate the tool with your business platform.

The monthly subscription price for this plan is $15, and the one-year subscription price is only $150.

Payment of plan subscriptions is available via Paypal.

Best url shortener

Thus, you can shorten your links easily, whether with a free plan or paid plans, and is among the reliable and best link shortening sites that provide link shortening services, as it uses an exclusive script to shorten long links to convert them into the shortest possible way.

It is necessary to ensure the safety of the link shortening site that we use, so as not to harm the reputation of your brand or blog, and to ensure that it does not restrict the visitor with ads that are inappropriate for his interest or boring, although shortening long links is an essential process for any marketing process, but it is a powerful weapon double edged Caution in using this feature is necessary.

Published on: 11/16/22, 11:21 AM